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  What is astigmatism?
Astigmatism is a condition in which vision at all distances may be blurred or distorted.This occurs when there is irregularity in the shape of the front surface (cornea) of the eye. Astigmatism is not a disease, but is actually a vision condition that is quite common.
  What causes astigmatism?
When the front of the eye is more oval then round, light does not focus properly on the back of eye (the retina). The causes of astigmatism are unclear. In some cases, it may be genetically inherited or it may result from various environmental factors such as poor lighting, incorrect posture, or an increased use of the eyes for close work.
  How common is astigmatism?
  Nearly all people have some degree of astigmatism. However, only moderate to highly astigmatism eyes need corrective lenses.
  What are the signs/symptoms of astigmatism?
People with severe astigmatism will usually have blurred or distorted vision. People with mild astigmatism may experience headaches, eye strain, fatigue and blurred vision at certain angles.
  How is astigmatism diagnosed?
  When your ophthalmologist does a complete eye examination, it will include tests for astigmatism.
  Can astigmatism be corrected?
  Almost all levels of astigmatism can be corrected with properly prescribed and fitted lenses.
  Does astigmatism progressively worsen?
  In the growing age small changes in astigmatism is a normal phenomenon.
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