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Optical's and Contact Lens Service
  Contact Lenses

AT SUDHARSHANA NETHRALAYA we have a wide range of contact lenses ranging from semi soft /RGP lenses, Soft Regular/Toric lenses to a variety of Colored contact lenses.

DARSHAN OPTO VISION is an unit of SUDHARSHANA NETHRALAYA. Here we have wide range of frames and all kinds of lenses for all age groups available at affordable prices. Spectacle lenses are made by the best craftsmen in the city and dispensed after due testing by the doctors.
Multi Focal Glasses
  What is a multi focal lens?
A multi focal lens is a lens in which there is a gradual gradation of power ,with no annoying intervening line as in bi focals. Multifocal lens appears like a plain single lens and gives 100%vision for all the distances, near ,intermediate and far. It is especially useful for people who use lot of computers
  Why are multi focal lenses prescribed?
Not all people can see well at all distances. Bifocals("bi" meaning two) are prescribed to aid both near and far vision in one pair lenses. Trifocals ("tri" meaning three) are prescribed to aid near, far and middle distance vision.

As people reach their early to mid-forties, their eyes gradually lose their ability to focus on objects that are up close. As a result, multi focal lenses are often prescribed to adjust for these changes.
  Why do multi focal eyeglasses cost so much more than regular eyeglasses?
Eyeglasses are precision devices and must be fabricated with the utmost care and skill. Additional time and skill is also needed in the measurements taken to accurately order the lenses and in dispensing them to patient.
  How will multi focal lenses affect my lifestyle?
It will probably take you a week or two to adjust to your new multi focal lenses. You will have to develop new seeing patterns and habits. After a few weeks, your head and eyes will have completely adjusted and you will have mastered the technique of wearing multi focal lenses for maximum benefit.
  What are some suggestions for wearing multi focal lenses?
1) Don't look at your feet when walking, 2) Hold reading material closer to you body ,lift your chin and lower your eyes so that you are reading out of the lowest part of the lenses, 3) Fold you newspaper in half or quarters and move it, rather that your head, when reading,
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