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  What is nearsightedness?
Myopia or nearsightedness as it is more commonly known, is a vision condition in which near objects are seen clearly but distant objects do not come into proper focus.
  Why does nearsightedness occur?
When eyeball is too long or the cornea has too much curvature,light entering the eye is not focused properly.Some theorists believe that nearsightedness is hereditary.There is growing evidence, however, that nearsightedness may also be caused by the stress of too much near vision work.
  How common is nearsightedness?
Nearsightedness is actually a very common vision condition.It normally first occurs in school age children.Since the eyes continue to grow during childhood, nearsightedness almost always occurs before the individual reaches the age of 20.
  Will I have to wear glasses?
  They are worm because they will enable you to see more clearly.If your condition warrants it,your doctor will prescribe corrective lenses for you.You may only need them, however, for certain events, like watching television, going to the theatre or driving an automobile.
  Will glasses/contact lenses cure nearsightedness?
Eyeglasses or contact lenses correct the problems by altering the way the light images enter your eyes, but the procedure does not cure nearsightedness. In some instances, LASIK laser can correct nearsightedness .
  How is nearsightedness diagnosed?
Nearsighted children are usually easy to identify because they often squint or have trouble seeing the blackboard, the movie screen,the television or other distant objects.When your doctor gives you a complete vision examination, it will include a test for nearsightedness.
  How will nearsightedness affect my lifestyle?
  If glasses or contact lenses are prescribed,it may take you a few days to adjust to them and to seeing clearly. After that,nearsightedness will probably not affect your lifestyle at all.
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