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Outpatient Procedures
All patients are seen by appointment only. However walk-in patients are also seen keeping in mind the importance of First come first serve basis.

For prior appointments, please email: appointment eyecheck4u@gmail.com call us at : 080 23341747 / 32719976 / 41724935
  Working hours
Outpatient hours are between 9.30 am to 12.30 pm & 5.00 pm to 8.00 pm from Monday to Saturday . Sunday - Holiday.
  Outpatient procedures
Outpatient procedures Include visual acuity testing, refraction (Estimation of power of spectacles of individual), Slit lamp examination, tonometry, dilated retinal examination and other necessary tests, which are prescribed according to the condition of the patient's eye. It may take 1 to 2 hours for a complete eye examination.
Patients from outstation or patients who require inpatient treatment other than day care procedures are admitted in wards
  What is Cashless hospitalization?
Cashless hospitalization means as a Mediclaim policyholder one will not have to run around paying off the hospital bills and getting a reimbursement later. On the contrary the policyholder will be able to avail of medical services at designated or empanelled hospitals and his bills will be settled through TPAs (third party administrators) who will additionally offer a 24 hours toll free helpline, access to physicians, specialties, diagnostic centers and ambulance services.
  What is Medical Reimbursement?
Medical Reimbursement means an employer paying the value of the medical treatment incurred to the employee or any member of his family in any hospital maintained by government or any local authority or any other hospital recognized by them.
  Will the patient get Income Tax exemption for the treatment cost incurred at private hospital?
An employee may sometimes be given treatment at a private hospital and not necessarily at a hospital maintained by the Government. Such a hospital is normally treated as a private hospital. If such a private hospital is approved by the Chief commissioner of Income Tax, with regard to the prescribed guidelines for the purposes of medical treatment, any sum paid by the employer in respect to any expenditure actually incurred by the employee on his medical treatment or treatment of any member of his family is completely exempt from income tax under clause (ii) of Section 17 (2) of the I.T.Act. Hence, proper planning should be adopted for getting an employee or a member of his family treated at a private hospital which is approved by the Chief Commissioner for the purpose of such medical treatment by way of attaching a certificate with the IT Return from the hospital specifying the disease and the amount paid to the hospital.
What benefits does the patient get as per Income Tax exemption act if they avail treatment in Sudharshana Nethralaya Superspeciality Eye Hospital?
Any sum paid by an employer in respect to any expenditure actually incurred by an employee on his medical treatment or of any member of his family at M/s. Sudharshana Nethralaya Superspeciality Eye Hospital, Bangalore, in connection with the diseases or ailments of the eye/s mentioned under (e) of Rule 3A(2) of the I.T. Rules 1962, shall not be treated as a pre-requisite for the purposes of sections 15, 16 and 17 of the Income-tax Act, 1961 and such sum shall be exempt from Income-tax in the hands of the employee. The employer shall not be liable to deduct tax u/s. 192 in respect of such sum.

The Hospital shall issue a certificate to the employee who avails the medical facility specifying the disease or ailment for which medical treatment was given and the amount of expenditure incurred in payment to the hospital and for medicines along with the relevant bills. The employee shall attach, the certificate and relevant bills issued by the hospital with his income tax returns.
  INCOME TAX EXEMPTION NO:CC-I/Tech-I/3/17(2)/07-08
  What is TPA?
TPA means a Third party Administrator who is licensed by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA) to act as a liaison with the insurer, insurance company and the network hospital for claim processing of health care services.
  General Instructions To Patients With Medical Reimbursements, Mediclaim Policy & Health Insurance
  Please see the Clients on our panel.
The patient with medical reimbursements, mediclaim or Health Insurance should bring their Identification Card/ permission letter issued by the company, TPA or Health Maintenance Organisations when they come to our hospital for consultation or for surgery for Claim processing.
Identification card issued by the company is not a credit card. It is just a identity of authenticity of the insurer to the hospital issued by the insurance company/TPA.
Sudharshana Nethralaya admits the patient only after due verification of their eligibility by obtaining Pre-Authorization services only.
Cashless facility can be availed only after the approval from the company/TPA within a minimum time period of 24 hours. Sudharshana Nethralaya Superspeciality Eye Hospital will not decide and does not have any role on the approval or rejection of the cashless facility extended to the patients.
Cashless facility will not be extended to the patients if they fall under the General exclusions specified by the insurance company
Sudharshana Nethralaya code of ethics states that the hospital will not provide the patients any fraudulent medical records or false treatment stated on papers to facilitate patient's reimbursement from the company or the insurance companies.
Day Care Procedures
  Surgical Co-ordination
The surgical coordinator confirms the date of surgery according to the patient's convenience. When the patient is ready to undergo surgery, patient is counselled in the Patient Counselling department and pre-operative instructions for surgery are given.
  Surgery Billing
The patient is then directed to the surgery billing counter where the full charge should be paid in advance if the surgery is on the same day. If the surgery is fixed for the forthcoming dates, they should pay an advance amount depending on the type of surgery.The patient are sent for A-scan (IOL measurement) if they are posted for Cataract surgery.
  Preparation for Surgery
The patient's eyes are dilated and anaesthetized by Topical anaesthetic drops which are ideally suited for suture-less cataract surgery. There is no injection given to the eye before the surgery; instead topical anaesthetic drops are used. Sudharshana Nethralaya does the high tech intraocular surgery specially phacoemulsification surgery under topical anesthesia which is the preferred choice of most eye surgeons worldwide as well as for the patient's comfort and immediate post operative recovery. No bandage is applied. Dark glasses are given to protect the eyes
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